Cass Cwik & the Small Gas Engines


A little late on this post, but we released our debut record as Cass Cwik & the Small Gas Engines exactly two months ago. Couldn't think of a more suitable title, so that's the name of the record. 

Before the pandemic we had a few more recording dates set for this release, but those of course were cancelled. We took what we had and finished this remotely. It wasn't exactly how I pictured the process going, but no one pictured a pandemic happening either. Anyway, we've started our follow up and I'm hoping it'll go as intended. The lineup has shifted a bit, but I'm very excited to share the new Small Gas Engines with ya'll. Happy August.


Cass Cwik - Guitar, harmonica, vocals 
Allen Wynn - Percussion, vocals 
Cameron Cowles - Drums 
Ben Vogel - Mandolin, electric guitar, vocals 
Adam Sammakia - Bass 
Nick Usalis - Pedal steel
Recorded and mixed by Doug Malone at Jamdek Recording Studio between fall 2019 and early 2020 
Mastered by Dave Vettraino at Public House Recordings 
Drawing by Shelby Anne 
Photo by Hannah Horrick 
Layout and lettering by Alex Lukawski


released June 3, 2021