Jambone Comp. Vol 1 "Songs From Home"

 Hey friends - Haven't updated in a while. A couple months ago we released Jambone Records' "Songs from Home" compilation of homemade music from Chicago. Myself and Nick put together a song/ballad for the project called "Where We Are". Hope you all enjoy and are continuing to stay safe and sane. 


Take me away
oh, so far
to a place
I have never been before
cuz where we are
we'll never go again 

Cuz you know
what we had
no it can never
get that way again
so we float your weight 

Why don't you stay,
stay with me
tonight on the back balcony
we got no guards
only ourselves to keep

Cuz you know
what's been said
how many times
must it be said
oh it feels like 
swimming upstream 

Everyone out in the street
passes you by 
and they see something sweet
You are the flower
growing through the sidewalks
and the streets